Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Similarities Between UNIX and Windows

UNIX and Windows both provide many useful features for their users. Original versions of Windows increased the ease of use of the GUI but did not do much to improve performance and services. Windows NT was the first Microsoft Windows-based system to do so. Newer Windows versions such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP have greatly improved multitasking capabilities and networking services.

Here are a few ways in which UNIX and Windows are the same: Both UNIX and Windows can be loaded on a PC as a client that accesses a server. Additionally both can be loaded onto a server and provide services such as printing and file serving for their clients on a network. UNIX and Windows are true multitasking machines; that is, you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously UNIX and Windows both provide management of your processes through a GUI interface (Microsoft calls it the Task Manager). Both UNIX and Windows can provide a full suite of networking tools and applications to allow connections to other machines, and software to allow sharing of files across the network. Finally, both UNIX and Windows have strong built-in security features that keep unwanted intruders out.

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